Prophetic Word Of Healing For 2018:
This is a year of open doors and recondite miracles. Much will be hidden from the public eye and much will be given by God to those who adore Him and live by His word. 
Giving honor to Jehovah who is the head of my life, these points have been revealed :
*This year release your burdens to Adonai and step outta the way and He will handle them
*Practice patience, humility, and kindness in all circumstances with everyone, including yourself
*Withdraw from the world regularly to meditate and calm the mind
*Place your faith and trust in Adonai and do not place more faith in human beings than Him
*Praise God at all times and in all circumstances
*Prepare yourself for hidden miracles, known only between you and God
*Embrace peace and reject anxiety, casting all of your cares upon Him.
*Seek the Light in all things and rely on Adonai to provide solace for you
*Quietly save more than you ever have and practice Divine stewardship.
The scripture for the year is Psalm 7.
The plant of the year is white and purple Morning Glory.
The first month of the year will set the tone for the rest of the year.
The verses to pray over this year for strength and peace of mind are-
1 John 1:9--Isaiah 26:3---Matthew 4:4--Luke 6:45--Psalm 1:1-3
1 Corinthians 2:4--2 Timothy 1:7--Philippians 4:6
Standing on the promises,
Prophetess Mary Ayodele

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