Prophetic Word Of Healing: Spring Season 2018

In this Spring season of 2018 children of God will face sharp tongues and what seems to be lack of consideration from others. This is a time to build your faith by standing on the Word of God. Whatever you may face, no matter what the world thinks the odds are against you, know and mediate on this verse-

"Not one promise from God is empty of power, for nothing is impossible with God!”
Luke 1:37 The Passion Translation Bible (TPT)

You may see abruptness and cruelty where none is warranted, especially in the workplace and in casual business dealings. What was once easily given and approved may be fraught with anxiety and delays; do not falter in your faith for God is in control. Know the promises of God regarding your situation. Study the Word of God and stand on your faith. In this season faith will grow by applying it to the situation at hand.

Prophetess Mary Ayodele

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